Plaster of Paris: Some useful technical notes

These days, there have emerged numerous suppliers, creating new types of materials and products which are considered to be quite ideal for renovation or building purpose. One such material that finds itself to be of high use and in great demand in the market is Plaster of Paris or POP as it is known in short.

About POP

It is regarded to be a material that is used to renovated buildings of all types. It is used commonly in the construction industry, because of its various amazing features that it has to provide to the owners like medical applications, fire proofing, architecture and artistic designs. Hence, the demand for this product has been increasing with time for which there have emerged several reputed Plaster of Paris manufacturers trying to fulfill the demand promptly and on time.

Besides this, there are also available different products that are utilized with it, which includes cement and lime plaster for different purposes. Few long term benefits can be enjoyed by using this product. POP has the tendency to dry very fast, while providing the interiors or the home a complete new appearance and beauty. It is also known to be strong and light at the same time, thereby helping the user to carve it at ease.


One can prepare Plaster of Paris at home. He simply needs to u se special warm water mixture, with flour and white glue in specific proportions.

Essential facts to know about POP

A good thing about POP is that, this product could be molded as desired and provided with all types of shapes with great ease. The power is said to turn slurry once appropriate water amount is mixed along with it. Previously, POP was utilized for building various monumental structures, renovation, decorative and interior design purpose.

Currently, homes make use of such building materials that are preferred due to its efficient and excellent fire proofing features. Besides this, the material also assists in offering suitable fire resistance. As the plaster burns, water vapor gets released, to assist in controlling spreading of fire. Several instances are present, where it is used for coating numerous construction items or even products like wood and metals.


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