A few facts about the Plaster of Paris

Across the globe, the demand for POP or Plaster of Paris has been increasing with each day. The product has been enjoying a lot of popularity in the construction and interior industry for the many benefits that it offers. It is regarded as a distinct kind of plaster, which is made from calcining gypsum. It is primarily used in large quantities in the construction industry for its capacity to have fire resistance of the structure to be immensely bolstered.

Few of the main benefits offers by POP are the wide applicability, molding capacity and aesthetic properties. When decorating designing and interior designing is concerned, the demand for POP is only increasing each day. It rightly can be stated that Plaster of Paris can render the complete look of wood or stone. So to cater to the many needs the clients have, there have emerged several suppliers of plaster of Paris in the market, offering good quality POP at fine rates.

There are many notable features in regard to the POP.

It already is mentioned to have the ability better the heat resistance of the structure and thus finds much demand in the use of the interior of office, commercial complex or residence.

From the POP, the panel is well created with regard to acoustic partitions, walls and ceilings.


The product is specifically used to prepare the acrylic colors and the wall putty. The high quality wall putty enjoys a lot of popularity in the global market.

The product also finds much usage in the architectural frames for its bettered aesthetic ability.

The buildings which are implementing a false ceiling also use the Plaster of Paris products.

Refined POP is very highly demanded in art & craft segment.

The Plaster of Paris has many advantages:

  • It is very durable and does not cause any cracks when being molded.
  • It does not cause any harmful chemical reactions to your hands either.
  • It has good adhesion and when mixed with water it easily forms into a perfect paste.

You will find many plaster of paris manufacturers for your interior needs.


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