Getting to know few facts about plaster of paris

The fact is that plaster of paris or POP in short, tends to enjoy excellent popularity in the global market especially in the construction industry due to the innumerous benefits that it has to offer to its users. It is considered to be a special plaster type that is prepared from calcining gypsum. It was the Egyptians who had first invented this type of material and used it in tombs during the ancient times for decoration purposes.

Some facts about POP

It is in the field of construction that POP is significantly used, due to its capability to bolster the structure’s fire resistance. Its wide applicability, molding capacity, as well as aesthetic properties can be stated to be few of the benefits that are offered by POP. Moreover, it can be used for interior designing and decorative purposes and in this segment does find itself to be in huge demand in the global market. It is said to have the power towards rendering exact appearance like that of a stone or wood.


Notable properties related to POP

  • POP has the capability to enhance the structure’s heat resistance. Hence, it is used in the interiors of the home and commercial complexes. Panels created from POP could be utilized for the purpose of partitions, acoustic partitions, construction walls and ceilings.
  • It is also used for preparing acrylic colors and wall putty. Good quality material derived from the best plaster of paris suppliers can provide the desired results.
  • It also finds great usage in architectural frames, because of its aesthetic ability.
  • Buildings making use of false ceilings also tend to use POP.
  • Art and craft do make good use of refined POP materials.

Finding good suppliers

Several reliable POP manufacturers exist in the region. However, before finalizing their services, it is necessary to research properly their background and get to know the type of products they render to their customers and their reliability. One should not take any hasty decision for selecting a provider. Only a well selected manufacturer of plaster of paris can provide the best quality materials at affordable rates.


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