Using wall putty for deriving that perfect finish

These days, there are present many manufacturers of wall putty products supplying all over the region and placing advertisements in huge numbers to lure their clients. Before trying to purchase wall putty, it is necessary for the person to know more about it and its related uses.

What is the wall putty all about?

The wall putty is stated to be a type of pre-applicator, rather a substance which is applied to the walls of the building before paint is applied to it. The putty actually is a product that is cement based. It finds great use among building owners, since it helps to even the surface and fills up the holes and patches present in it.

The wall putty basically functions as cement mixture, which when gets mixed, pressed and applied would leave a much smooth finish.  Unlike that of the other products, it does not actually leave any kind of powdery surface, leading towards uneven paint finish. Although the structure is prone to repeated damage from damage due to various types of environmental factors, wall putty help to retain its texture and shape.

High quality as well as gradewall putty is offered by the best wall putty manufacturers in India at reasonable prices.


Steps to preparing and applying wall putty

  • One can find wall putty in packets that are to be opened up and poured into different containers. All of them are to be mixed in separate bowl as it has been directed on packet.
  • The required amount only should be mixed, using a particular tool for mixing the contents properly, until a specific paste like structure gets formed.
  • Once attained, it needs to be left alone for quite some time and later applied onto the wall directly.

Things to avoid for wall putty

  • Once the wall putty gets applied, the paste is to be left applied for several hours or even days as necessary, until the whole thing dries off completely. Artificial heating solutions are better not used as the wall putty would begin to break and come off.
  • It is to be left only under normal conditions and ensure that any of the environmental factors like heat, rain or other elements should not directly fall onto the layer.

Following the above things can help to ensure deriving the best results.


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