The Guide to Wall Putty

A wall putty is a white colored powdery substance which has a very fine and smooth texture  and is used to provide a soft finish as a base on which the next layer of paint or something can be painted or applied upon. It is mostly used to provide a lustrous and shining texture to the wall or any other solid background on which next layer of substance will be applied, mostly paint. As mentioned earlier, it is used as a base on walls and ceilings prior to painting.


Cement based putty

One of the most basic types of wall putty, this type of putty is available in the stores and shops in a white powder form. Since it is in a powder form, one needs to mix it into the water for further application. Once thoroughly mixed, it is then used to apply on the walls before the wall is covered and painted upon with coats of expensive paint. If one is looking for extremely smooth finishing on exterior and interior portions, this is the most suitable type of putty available in the market.

Wall putty is a high trend in painting world and it is majorly produced and manufactured in India. So, if you are willing to buy wall putty for your next construction at affordable rates, then you can contact wall putty manufacturers in India.

Benefits of using Wall Putty

Wall putty has many advantages and thus is beneficial in painting and application.

  • Wall putty ensures a long life for all the expensive paints that would be applied on the wall.
  • Wall putty prevents the flaking-off of wall paint in case it is damp or even wet due to its water resistant properties.
  • Wall putty gives an amazing wall finish and helps it in giving a decorative touch.

Tips while applying the wall putty

Well, generally, these works are given to skilled putty experts but if you want to do the DIY then the tips are like-

  • Scrap off the surface nicely
  • Always moist the surface nicely before the putty application
  • The coast should not be thick

So, this way, you are a pro about buying the wall putty and handling its applications.


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