Benefits of Applying Wall Putty Before Painting

No matter how expensive paints you use for your house, but it will all go in vain if there are cracks and dampness on the walls. The reason that these problems occur is because of the aging of the walls.

Wall putty assimilates with the plaster and maintains a strong bond with the paint.


Here are some more benefits of using wall putty before painting your walls.

  1. Protection

As said earlier, wall putty creates a strong bond and assimilates with the plaster. This property makes wall putty a great savior of expensive paints. It doesn’t allow the paint to flake out and ensures a long life.

  1. Creates an even surface for painting

Wall putty proves to be beneficial in case there are undulations on the plastered surface. A thick coat of wall putty can make the surface smooth and cracks free. It also enhances the effect of the shade of the paint. Hence, the application of wall putty is necessary to get a leveled surface for stunning results.

  1. Cost effective

By providing a smooth and leveled surface wall putty reduces the paint consumption than usual. One other factor that reduces the paint consumption- that it absorbs less paint on the walls. This is how wall putty saves a lot of money for you and makes the painting job easy and fast.

  1. Applicable for interior as well as exterior walls

Wall putty manufacturers have come up with a wall putty that is applicable on both interior and exterior walls. For external walls, this wall putty reduces the seepage by filling the cracks and crevices.

  1. Water resistant

The water resistant property of wall putty enhances its importance due to the fact that it can save the paint from dampness.

  1. No curing

Curing takes a lot of time and makes the paint work more difficult. But with wall putty, you don’t have to be worried about curing.

Your home tells the story of your personality and creates an impression among your friends, colleagues, and relatives. Make sure that the personality you want to convey through your house doesn’t fade away.




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