How Is Gypsum Plaster Enjoying a Monopoly in India?

Builders and contractors all across the nation prefer gypsum plaster to other materials due to its excellent applications with superior finish and even time saving attributes.

In current years, the construction field has seen a huge number of new trends and innovations, technology progressions and application method improvements in almost all applications, just to enhance the construction process making it faster and delivering high levels of performance.


Nobody could ever think of finding a substitute of traditional sand cement surface plaster with even older methods of gypsum plasters.

Gypsum plaster is nothing less than a miracle for construction industry!

When we go back in ancient times, the oldest example of how our ancestors used gypsum for internal plastering is seen in the famous Pyramids of Giza in Egypt. They were lined with standard gypsum stucco plaster even centuries back and now they are still intact and strong. This is a live proof of durability & high levels of performance of this great product.

What is Gypsum in simple words?

Gypsum is nothing but a lightweight material, which is produced by evaporating the seawater in huge and massive prehistoric river ponds. Chemically, it is Calcium Sulfate Dihydro rate (CaSO4.2H2O), which contains 21% water by molecular weight.


  • Gypsum products have been used since centuries in the field of construction and are everyone’s choice because of it is unique properties.
  • It has excellent insulation properties both thermal and acoustic and can offer very good passive fire protection, moisture resistance, impact resistance, and vapor control when used in combination with the right systems.

Now, what is Gypsum Plaster?

When a wall is made up of bricks or blocks, they are finished with a coat of plaster, which is known as internal plastering. This has traditionally executed through a simple process of sand-cement plaster covered with POP layering. Hence, it is a two-stage process and thus involves multiple materials like sand, cement and a good amount of water, which is mixed on the site readily.

Hence, this old form of tiring plastering is very slow and now has replaced by a direct single coat of application of strong and quick gypsum plaster.



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