All you need to know about Plastering Business

If you are planning to become a plastering agent or open a firm that hires plastering agents, then it is important for you to understand the actual meaning of plastering. Plastering can be used in different areas like construction or creating artistic work. Plastering can also be done in medical field as well. Therefore, you need to decide, which area of plastering you are planning to master and then further get to details of the business.


Plaster is mainly used for construction purposes like smoothing and decorating of walls. The reason for using it is because applying paint directly on sand walls might give a rugged look. By using plaster, it would give a smooth base to apply paint. Plastering is done with the help of gypsum plaster of Paris. Gypsum is hard material which is burnt at 140 degrees Celsius to convert it into powdered form. This powdered form then should be mixed with water to form a plaster like texture.

Types of Plaster

Plastering as a method is of two forms – Wet plastering and dry plastering.

Wet Plastering is the most widely used method of doing plaster. This is done by making a well inside a heap of plaster and then filling that well with water, then mixing equal amounts of plaster at a time to make it into slurry like texture. Before applying it on walls, the mason needs to understand that the plaster should be levelled. In order to do so, they need to nail small wood battens on the wall and after the application remove them. Hence, it takes a lot of effort to do wet plastering.

Dry plastering on the other hand is an easy job. Even someone who is new to the job can also do dry plastering. The method of dry plastering involves nailing the dry plaster boards on the walls. These plaster boards are easily available in the market and affordable.


Plastering as a business might sound easy but is a difficult job. Someone who is new to plastering can mess up the task and hence requires proper training before you take up this job.



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