Knowing more about gypsum plaster

The truth is that gypsum building plasters have been finding itself to be of great use across the globe for general building purpose. Manufacturing of pre-formed gypsum products such as plaster board, blocks and tiles are said to have the advantage of high fire resistance and lightness.

Increasing popularity

With the real estate industry on a high, the contractors and builders have been trying to save precious time that is otherwise wasted in the construction industry, so as to complete the task, reduce wastage and increase profits, thereby meeting the growing demands of their clients. Hence, gypsum plaster of paris is preferred by them because it offers time saving aspect and superior finish. The construction sector, these days, have been making use of several technological improvements in the industry, aimed at making construction much faster and to deliver very high performance.


What is gypsum?

It is stated to be a chalk type material that is lighter in weight. Moreover, it is formed of water and calcium sulphate to become crystalline combination. One can find it as natural gypsum that is mined across the globe and also as a synthetic by-product. The construction field has been using it as a material of choice. Some of the popular products are design piece around the fan, molding, corner design piece, etc. It also boasts of having wonderful insulation properties. It comes with unique features like moisture resistance, fire protection, and vapor control and impact resistance.

Its use in construction

Usually, after the wall is constructed using blocks or bricks, the internal surface of the wall gets the finishing by using cement sand plaster, painted or white washed. But the surface is seen to be rough. In order to derive that smooth surface, one has to apply POP or plaster of paris before painting on plastered surface or while distempering the wall. This two-way process tends to involve consumption of good amount of labor and time and hence, is being replaced by gypsum plaster single direct coating. Therefore, it can be rightly stated that the two different processes being replaced by this material is POP pruning and cement sand plastering.


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