The Various Uses of Gypsum

Gypsum is a sulphate mineral which is soft in nature. It is composed of calcium sulphate dehydrate. Gypsum is widely mined because it is used as a fertilizer. It is basically a fine-grained white or lightly coloured mineral that has been used from ancient times of Rome and Egyptian civilizations. The hardness value of gypsum is just two on the MohsScale of mineral hardness. Gypsum forms as an evaporate mineral.

Gypsum is the most commonly found sulphate mineral. It is commonly found in layered sedimentary deposits. It is found along with sulphur, halite, anhydrite, calcite, and dolomite. Gypsum is similar to anhydrite.


Gypsum is used in varied fields in this world. The most common uses of gypsum are such as-

  • It is used to make sculptures. You can see many sculptures inancient Egypt, Rome, Mesopotamia, Byzantine Empire and medieval England made out of gypsum.
  • It is used in making plaster which has great use in the construction of buildings and architecture.
  • Gypsum is also used in making blackboardchalk and dry wall.
  • Gypsum blocks are used in construction of buildings like concrete blocks.
  • Gypsum is used as a hardening retarder in Portland cement.
  • Gypsum mortar is used in building walls and buildings.
  • Gypsum is also used in medicine field to make surgical splints, casts and moulds.
  • Gypsum is used in manufacturing fertilizers and soil conditioners.
  • It is a great substitute for wood in the field of construction.
  • It is also used for soil moisture and water potential monitoring.
  • Gypsum is also used in making mead.
  • It is also used to create impression plasters in the department of dentistry.
  • Gypsum is also used to grow and cultivate mushrooms in large scale.
  • There are tests which show that gypsum is effective in removing pollutants like lead and arsenic from the contaminated waters.
  • The two important varieties of gypsum are satin spar and alabaster. They are used for ornamental and decorative purposes as they are very enchanting in appearance.

These are some of the uses of gypsum. Due to its popularity, gypsum is sold a lot in India. Gypsum suppliers take bulk orders and deliver gypsum in large quantities.


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