Concepts and Misconceptions in the Use of Wall Putty for Walls

One crucial building material that helps builders achieve the quintessential super-finish is the wall putty. Wall finishing is an inevitable process that requires this white cement based material.


 Provide an even surface

Unfinished walls have an uneven surface that has lots of cracks and holes. Now, if one does not finish this, the water will seep through and cause damage. That is why wall putty is so necessary. One can order this material from the wall putty manufacturers in powder form. Just mix it in water and you are ready to go.

Give a boost to the interiors

Use of wall putty helps you to get the right shade of colour on the walls. One could also use Plaster of Paris plaster but that is a shade costlier. One needs skilled people to work with POP. Wall putty handles easily and bonds with the paint. This improves the interior decor of the construction.

Deal with misconceptions

There are many misconceptions too when it comes to wall putty. One of the most popular ones is that wall putty makes the paint last longer. This may be true for interior walls to an extent but when one considers external walls, the thickness of the paint has to be at least 3 -4 mm. This helps it resist the rigours of environmental extremities such as temperature and pollution.

However, when you use wall putty, the need for the paint thickness is reduced. The paint thus applied is lesser by upto 40% or more. The paint consumed is lesser but they do not last long.

Another one is that the wall putty protects your paint from peeling. This is not true because the paint will peel whenever there is moisture present. Whether you use POP, cement plaster, or gypsum plaster, the paint will peel when it comes in contact with the water.

In normal usage, one can cover an area of 16 – 20 sq.ft with one 25 kg bag of wall putty. Used in the right way, one can prevent the flaking of the paint through the use of wall putty.  You do not have to cure the wall putty after you apply it.


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