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Plaster has a wide use in theconstruction arena. It is also used for repairing work. Plastering offers a smooth texture and final finishing on the walls or ceiling. Among the various types of plasters Plaster of Paris is an extensively used plaster owing to its aesthetic appeal and excellent finishing.


The plaster of Paris is a type of plaster that mainly constitutes of gypsum plaster. It is quick to settle and offers smooth finish on any surface. It is named after Paris as it is abundantly available near Paris. It offers a shining effect owing to the sparkling white color. Hence, Plaster of Paris is most commonly used in making of sculptors and finishing of theceiling. Many decorative artifacts and carvings are made from Plaster of Paris.


Plaster of Paris Manufacturers offer excellent quality material in packs of various weights and size to suit your needs. One can inquire from themarket and select the most preferred and popular plaster of Paris from available brands.

Also, known as POP, the plaster has the edge over conventional plasters and is used for many other purposes, apart from construction arena.

  • It is thepreferred choice of sculptors, as it is easy to mold and can be used quickly for transforming ideas to designs.
  • The POP is used for interior decor of homes in the form of theartificial ceiling, corners and ornamental designs on walls and ceilings.
  • Since it has a smooth finish, the paint or color can be applied easily, and it sticks for alonger
  • The POP also has medicinal uses like holding the bones in case of fracture or dislocation of bones.

The benefits of Plaster of Paris

  • The POP is comparatively lighter in weight and provides strong durability
  • It has excellent property of fire resistance
  • The POP does not shrink after drying and has minor possibility of developing cracks
  • It mixes with water easily and offers great adhesive quality
  • The paste can be spreadwith the help of tools like metal spade or sandpaper

However, it should be notedthat one should prevent from inhaling the POP powder and refrain from touching the material with bare hands.


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