Use of Superior Building Material for Construction in Rajasthan

Buildings are strong because the builders use excellent quality construction material. The beauty and aesthetic appeal comes to a building due to the use of decorative panels and motifs on the walls and ceilings. For this, they use plaster of Paris.

Make sure of the quality

The quality of the plaster of Paris depends on where you get the supplies from for your building work. You have many plaster of Paris manufacturers in Rajasthan and each of them have their own criterion for the manufacture. To be sure of the quality, you must see that the plaster of Paris measures up to the industry standard. Conduct checks and see if this is so.

The tensile strength of the plaster of Paris must be minimum 6.0 kg/cm2 and the residue must be less than or in the range of 2-4%. The whiteness must be between 70-80% and the setting time must be 15-20 minutes. To be double sure, try to get the material from ISO certified companies and the products that have the ISI certification.

Usefulness of plaster of Paris

You have many advantages of using plaster of Paris in construction works. The first thing is that it is light and will not add so much to the dead load of the building. It has good fire and heat resistance and so you can use it for the outer walls. It does not shrink while setting and so it will not develop cracks.

Property of gypsum plaster

The gypsum plaster is a versatile building construction material that has a compressive strength of 60-70 kg/cm2 and gives a coverage of 20 square feet per 25 kg bag for 13 mm thickness. The setting time is 25-30 minutes and bulk density is 1020 kg/m2 as per the industry standard. It can be used to finish R.C.C. ceilings, concrete columns, hollow concrete blocks, and internal bare brick walls.


You can use gypsum plaster directly and it finds extensive application in the residential and commercial constructions. Since we only need to add the needed amount of water, the workability of this construction material is high. In a very short span of time the construction piece is ready for use.


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