POP is Very Useful in Surface Repairs

Plaster of Paris is something which is mainly needed in construction procedures. When a building is built, then this one is also a primary material that is used. People mainly use the Plaster of Paris as a basic coating on the walls or surfaces of a building pr a house on which they are planning to apply paint. Continue reading


Why Gypsum is Better Than Ordinary POP?

What is a gypsum plaster? Well, when plaster of Paris is mixed with water, it becomes hard. This when applied on any concrete surfaces or bricks it can give a very smooth surface. Then it is known as the gypsum plaster. Continue reading

Wall Distemper – The Ideal Solution to Make a Wall Glitter

Acrylic Distemper is a water-based wall treatment which makes the paint smoother and brighter. Itis fireproof and very useful in its application. Mostly acrylic distemper is used in the interior painting of the walls, but now it is used for both interior and exterior. It makes the paint new for a long time. In addition to this, acrylic distemper is used to make a damp proof as well as smooth and matt finish of a colour. Continue reading

How to Choose a Good POP Dealer Near You?

While choose a good quality of Plaster of Paris there are many companies and brands that you may come across. But before you make a decision on choosing the one that fits in your budget and is good with quality, here are some things that you need to look out. These things can make it easy for you to come to the decision. Continue reading