Why Gypsum is Better Than Ordinary POP?

What is a gypsum plaster? Well, when plaster of Paris is mixed with water, it becomes hard. This when applied on any concrete surfaces or bricks it can give a very smooth surface. Then it is known as the gypsum plaster.

It is said, that when gypsum plaster is applied, it is advised by the gypsum plaster suppliers in Chhattisgarh that one has to apply a 6mm coat of this on the top of any cement plaster so that is has a very smooth finishing. Then on top of that, paintings should be done. At present most people who want to apply a gypsum plaster on any wall cement plasters, go for a single coating. This is because; the POP is already mixed with the water and then it is applied directly to the wall.


Gypsum plaster

Gypsum plaster


This gypsum plaster is always directly applied on the brick no matter whether they are hollow or solid ones. This plaster has some really good insulation properties and so it is a very goof fire resistant. It is impact resistant as well and so it is very safe to use these plasters. It is said; that gypsum plasters do have a very good finish and it also saves a lot of time when it comes to construction procedures. That is why these days. Construction people mostly rely on gypsum plasters that any regular cement plasters when they are building something. These plasters, just like the traditional ones are white is colour and once applied it takes almost half an hour to set in.

There are many advantages of this plaster as well.

  • This gypsum plasters can be applied very easily on bricks and blocks. They do not need any separate finisher. This also gets dried in a much less time.
  • Once it is dried, no cracks appear on the surface as this plaster never shrinks. That is why; it has a very smooth finish once the application is over.

Gypsum plaster manufacturers in Chhattisgarh can assure you that this one will set in an hour once applied. Post 72 hours of application, one can easily start painting over it.


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