The POP: A material that doesn’t need any introduction

In this age of fast actions, many people need to have material that can be easily shaped, and it must not be costly also. At such stage the best option one can go for, is the Plaster of Paris. It is a material known for easy availability and quick application in various areas. The material has a long history, but the current usability is more important than its history. There is hardly any area where this material is not used. Due to increasing use only there are many known and unknown brands which have leaped in the manufacturing of this material.

The material:

The POP is a material available in powder form and with the addition of some water to it, turns into a semi-liquid form. In this form, one can easily mold it into the desired shape, and that is why it is much used for making models and statues also. The Plaster of Paris manufacturers in Rajasthan have a huge network, and with the help of the same, they can avail the material to each corner of the country. The buyer can get it in the pack of 500 gms to 5 kilograms.

The application of this material is also too easy. One can apply the same on the walls without hiring a professional expert also.

To have the material one can check with the POP dealers in Rajasthan as they can avail the material in bulk quantity also.

The use:

This material can withstand the seasonal changes easily and therefore in any area where the model is to be set in open; it is preferred to be made from POP only so that it can stand there for longer period. Even in the exhibitions and fairs where one needs to have an area with the temporary look, this material is used to a large extent. It is due to its limited cost and easy applicability that the user can get the shape and size of any part as per his requirement. The material can also be stored for a long time, but the area where it is stored must be dry.


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