Gypsum Plaster Vs. Sand Cement Plaster : Find The Winner

Gone are the days of sand cement plaster. Gypsum plaster is the modern day cousin of sand cement plaster who went to upgrade school. The perks of gypsum plaster over sand cement plaster cannot be counted on your finger tips. We have listed down a few to help you make the best choice.

  • Gypsum plaster is the first choice of most builders in the recent times because of its property to dry fast. Sand cement plaster requires about a month’s time to cure and needs it’s surface to be smoothed before the application of paint. In comparison, gypsum plaster takes as little as 3 days to dry up completely and get ready for coats of paint.
  • Sand cement plaster drinks up an enormous amount of water during its curing period. Whereas, gypsum requires no curing which saves up on all that water. It makes gypsum plaster the best option for drier places like Gurgaon. You can find gypsum plaster dealers in Gurgaon very easily. A single google search will get you to the best dealers available nearby.  You can surf through their website for more details or even give them a call.
  • You will need a layer of plaster of Paris punning over your sand cement plaster to fill in the gaps and ridges and have a smooth canvas for paint. Whereas, gypsum does not need that extra step saving your money, time and energy.
  • Sand cement plaster often face an issue of cracks due to shrinkage caused by high heat of hydration and improper curing. Gypsum plaster has no such problem.
  • Due to its low thermal conductivity, it keeps you house warm during the colder months and cool during the warm summer as compared to the conventional sand cement plaster.
  • The average cost of gypsum plaster is about Rs.30/- per square feet. While, and cement plastering will cost about Rs.33/- per square feet.
  • Since gypsum plastering is much lighter than sand cement plastering, the buildings built with gypsum plaster exert less structural load. This makes it extremely safe for earthquake prone areas like Gurgaon. Hence, gypsum plaster in Gurgaon and its adjacent areas are best suited for every household.

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