Various Benefits of POP

POP or Plaster of Paris, has Gypsum in it as its major component. POP is used basically for coating ceilings, coating walls, and for making any architectural designs also. It is manufactured in a dry powder form, which is mixed along with water, that creates a thick paste. With such combination, they end product that is the paste, gives a smooth finish to the ceiling, walls, etc. After the application of POP, it should be given minimum two weeks to dry effectively.


POP is strong, extra white, and smooth product, that is ideal for the complicated decorating patterns such as, molding, architectural work, fixing dents, mend cracks, false ceiling, creating artwork, etc. Also POP can be used with any other color, where 90% prefer to use white paint only. There are many POP suppliers in Uttar Pradesh, who are highly professional with their products and material. In this blog, you will get to read upon several advantages of POP.


  1. POP is highly durable and weight of it is light.
  2. The thermal conductivity is low in POP.
  3. It is known to be a great fire resistant, and also a good heat insulating product or material.
  4. While setting POP doesn’t shrink, and hence wouldn’t develop any cracks while setting or heating.
  5. POP is very easy to level and spread, as it mixes well with water.
  6. POP also is known to have great adhesion on any of the fibrous materials.
  7. POP can also be painted, as well as given a good textured look.
  8. POP can be molded or cast in any form of shape, so it can also be used for any other decorative purpose, such as creating ornamented designs on the ceiling.
  9. With POP, the false ceiling could have an interesting different levels on the ceiling.
  10. POP, can also be used in concealing the the ducts of air conditioning, covering ugly looking beams, etc.


These were some of the benefits of using POP over any other product, as the finishing result of POP is comparatively great. POP in Uttar Pradesh, is available in different quantities, so as per your requirement, you can buy.


Offer The Best Material to Your Walls

A beautiful home is a dream for many, and some lucky people get the dream fulfilled when they get the home of their dreams. Well, to get a home is also not that easy and to maintain the same is much more difficult. Over a period, the natural elements can cause trouble to walls, and hence one can see the plaster coming off the walls and cracks in the walls. Continue reading

wall putty

Want to have the putty? Ask them

People decorate home with a number of items to make it look more beautiful. However, over a period the wall plaster starts crumbling and it spoils the look of the walls. To go for cement plaster for home or office walls is not much feasible idea considering the time and cost involved in it. Hence people look for other options that can restore the look of the wall and make it more beautiful. The wall putty is the best material that meets all the expectations in such situations and hence proves much useful. Continue reading

Wall Distemper – The Ideal Solution to Make a Wall Glitter

Acrylic Distemper is a water-based wall treatment which makes the paint smoother and brighter. Itis fireproof and very useful in its application. Mostly acrylic distemper is used in the interior painting of the walls, but now it is used for both interior and exterior. It makes the paint new for a long time. In addition to this, acrylic distemper is used to make a damp proof as well as smooth and matt finish of a colour. Continue reading

The Wall Putty Can Help You Get The Best Finish on Your Walls

Many times, the situation forces one to take some unusual decisions, and if the decision proves helpful, it can be a regular practice. Same is applied for the builders who just need to finish the project in a limited time when the outer plaster of many walls is yet left and the time, as well as a labour force, is limited. Continue reading

The wall putty: A known material for extraordinary walls

There are different materials which one can use to get the look of the walls and ceiling back. It is natural that after a few years the walls and ceiling, get crumpled and hence the look of the walls gets tarnished. It is a difficult situation as all the visitors notice it immediately, and some of them do not forget to comment also. To overcome this situation, one can use different materials and restore the old charm of the home that can make one feel proud.

The material:

The wall putty and Gypsum plaster are considered as viable options for the restoration of the beauty of the walls and ceilings. There are many wall putty manufacturers in India that sell these materials in the market, and one can get the material in required quantity. The application of the material is simple yet too much effective. One just needs to get the material from the market and apply it in the right quantity on the wall. To apply the material one can take on a wooden or metal plate and paste it on the wall. However, one needs to check that there is no dust on the wall. In case there is wax on the wall one must either scratch that part or wash the wall with liquid soap and let it get dry. Once the wall is dried, one can apply the material easily.

The gypsum plaster: This material is made from Gypsum powder. The strength and capacity of the material to hold the wall can be enhanced by adding some more chemicals to it. One can easily use the material on different walls. The gypsum dealers in Delhi can help one to get the required quantity from different brands also. One can apply the material on walls by self or can hire a professional for the task. It is better to scratch the wall to some extent and clean it before the application of the material. Once the material is applied, one can leave it for some time so that it can dry and then color it as per the requirement.

Get the simple way to fill the cracks on walls

There are numerous materials that can help the people to enhance the charm and look of the house. People love to decorate the house with beautiful items that can help one to have a different impression on the visitors and guests. However, over a period the colors of the walls can feed, and plaster may crumble. This situation proves much terrible when the ceiling and walls are criticized by the visitors. There are many materials that can help the dwellers to change the look of the wall and offer great finish where some beautiful colors can be sprayed. For the colors to be there on the ceiling as well as on the walls, one needs to use wall putty that can hold the colors and also add to the look of the wall.

The wall putty:

The wall putty is basically a material made from the Gypsum powder and a combination of other chemicals. One can look at the wall and judge how much putty he will require to offer the finish to the wall. This material is available in different packs, and hence one can easily get the material in required quantity from the wall putty manufacturers in India. The buyer can get the materials from the online or offline market. To use the material is quite easy and one can easily apply the same to the concerned area of the walls as well as the ceiling.

The utility of the material:

This material is easy to apply, and as per nature, it can dry in just a few minutes, which can help the user to color it in limited time also. This material is also used to create different models which one can use in the office or home in an area where the natural elements such as the sun and heat can have tremendous effects. The material can withstand against all the natural odds for a longer period, and that is why it is much popular among the users such as model makers, architects, and interior decorators. The plaster of Paris manufacturers are much helpful in the case when one wants to have the false ceiling with their supply of such a durable material.

They know the quality of material

Wall putty, it is a term with which almost everyone is familiar. However, before a few years, the scenario was different, and people were not more aware of any other solution than the use of cement when it was asked to change the look of the wall or to fill the cracks.

ready mix cement plaster

In the past few years, the scenario is changed, and nowadays one can easily see that there are a few useful options available in the market which one can use him also. One of such options is the use of wall putty. Walls are known as the prime part of a house as well as other areas, and hence cracked walls can attract the attention of the visitors and make them place some negative remarks in minor tone. To overcome this situation, one needs to change the look of walls by filling the cracks with the help of wall putty. There are many wall putty companies in India that offer the material under different brand names.

Use of material:

Usually, the wall putty is used to apply on the walls to make it look plainer so that the color on it can be applied perfectly and make the walls more appealing. In such case, one needs to just scrub the wall first and make it clean from dust and dirt. In the case of wax on the wall, one needs to wash it with soapy water and let it get dry. Once the wall is dry and clean, the user can start the application of the material on it. One must see that the material is applied evenly on the walls so that it can offer great charm to the walls as well as home.

One can apply any color on such wall where the putty is applied as the wall putty can be colored when it is dried. This can help one to match the wall with the color of other areas of the wall. The putty can last longer, and hence it offers the look of the wall also for a longer span. It can also withstand the changes of the seasons and hence it is known as the preferred choice of the experts in the industry.

Concepts and Misconceptions in the Use of Wall Putty for Walls

One crucial building material that helps builders achieve the quintessential super-finish is the wall putty. Wall finishing is an inevitable process that requires this white cement based material.


 Provide an even surface

Unfinished walls have an uneven surface that has lots of cracks and holes. Now, if one does not finish this, the water will seep through and cause damage. That is why wall putty is so necessary. One can order this material from the wall putty manufacturers in powder form. Just mix it in water and you are ready to go.

Give a boost to the interiors

Use of wall putty helps you to get the right shade of colour on the walls. One could also use Plaster of Paris plaster but that is a shade costlier. One needs skilled people to work with POP. Wall putty handles easily and bonds with the paint. This improves the interior decor of the construction.

Deal with misconceptions

There are many misconceptions too when it comes to wall putty. One of the most popular ones is that wall putty makes the paint last longer. This may be true for interior walls to an extent but when one considers external walls, the thickness of the paint has to be at least 3 -4 mm. This helps it resist the rigours of environmental extremities such as temperature and pollution.

However, when you use wall putty, the need for the paint thickness is reduced. The paint thus applied is lesser by upto 40% or more. The paint consumed is lesser but they do not last long.

Another one is that the wall putty protects your paint from peeling. This is not true because the paint will peel whenever there is moisture present. Whether you use POP, cement plaster, or gypsum plaster, the paint will peel when it comes in contact with the water.

In normal usage, one can cover an area of 16 – 20 sq.ft with one 25 kg bag of wall putty. Used in the right way, one can prevent the flaking of the paint through the use of wall putty.  You do not have to cure the wall putty after you apply it.