Wall Putty or Plaster of Paris – Which one is to be selected?

In construction work, several things or perspectives are required to be performed by the building manager, like artwork, configuration, used material, etc. Some difficulties may arise during the construction process such as whether to make use of Wall Putty or Plaster of Paris, something for which adequate research has to be done for first understanding about their usage, benefits and its applications.

Comparing wall putty and plaster of paris

This product is said to focus around white powder or cement, created for interior walls and outer surface, hence, providing a defensive base, especially when costly paints are concerned. Also, it is used for filling up the pores present in roofs and walls. High quality putty purchased from the best wall putty manufacturer can be connected effectively by a spray or a brush. POP is not that difficult to level and spread. Rather, it is termed to be fire resistant, forming thick surface.

Smoothness of putty surface tends to reduce usage of the paint. It effectively implies that it reduces the paint’s dry film thickness, when connected on putty. It successfully helps the proposed base amount required for paint to function exceptionally on the external surface for one square feed gets lessened to half.


Similarly, it diminishes the paint’s execution and life. The base material is required for structuring defensive layers for withstanding harsh rays of the sun, rain as well as air contamination. Due to over smoothness of putty surface, consumption is simply 40% of proposed material.

POP is used as part of some applications, since it rapidly sets up and dries hard. POP does not break like that of wall putty. But the latter can be used for extensive applications for joints and drywall fixing.

Putty according to some magazines states that paints from peeling off and dampness. However, paint tends to peel if the wall has dampness within, since waterproofing issues or water ingestion in wall could take place, because of presence of water such as toilets or bathrooms.

Putty application, most likely would make the walls to appear smooth, but it can be more pertinent, if an occurrence is present in the external walls. However, cement putty application simply cannot match POP finish in the interior walls.