Uses and Applications of Gypsum Plaster

Gypsum Plaster or most commonly known as Plaster of Paris is widely used material in construction industry. The colour of this material is white unlike cement; however, the features it holds are quite similar to that of cement or mortar. In order to use this material, the gypsum plaster needs to be heated at 300 degrees Fahrenheit and then mix it water to form slurry like mixture. A good thing about this plaster is that it dries up quickly and can be moulded in any desired shape. It is easy to apply when wet and hardens the moment it cools.


The reason for its huge popularity among est construction workers is because of its affordability and the ability to prevent fire. Plaster of Paris is a cost effective material that is used by builders. If your walls catch fire, the gypsum plaster would create water vapour thereby preventing fire from spreading. There are many uses and applications of this material as well:-

Creating Sculptures – One of the most commonly used materials for creating sculptures is gypsum plaster. Since it can be moulded in any shape, therefore it can be used for fine crafting sculptures and statues. Not only in modern world, but this material has been used since the renaissance age. It can be used on other materials like wood and metal.

Agriculture – Shocked? But this material can also be used for agriculture purposes as well. When spread on fields, it helps in loosening the dense clayey soil and further helps in conditioning. Hence, it is used as agriculture fertiliser as well.

Medical – Orthopaedics used this material extensively to repair broken bones. If any of your limbs are fractured, doctors used Plaster of Paris for repairing and supporting of joints. Other than Ortho, this material is also used in dentistry to study teeth.

Other Purposes – For the smoothening and levelling of walls, engineers use this material for construction. Many use it as a binding agent with other building materials because it has the ability to hold and prevent from moisture.

Gypsum plasters are easily available on both retail and online stores. One word of caution would be to use this material carefully it can lead to various health issues if not used properly.