It’s Good to Choose High-Quality Wall Putty in Your New Home!

Wall putty in simple words is a white fine powdered element that provides a smooth base to any wall surface. In addition, it facilitates a smooth damp finish thus allowing all types of colors and wallpapers to be applied over the walls. It is normally applied on the walls as well as ceilings prior to the priming and painting process.

Wall putty even takes good care of the expensive paints, which are applied increasing their life, and ensures its stability and durability for good years.


Why is wall putty so popular?

Wall putty in India is nothing major but one of the most important constituents of any painting process. If you want that your walls look beautiful and get a smooth even finish, you first need to fill out the unwanted holes and cracks with this putty and then can go ahead with layers of priming and painting process. Application of good wall putty before to painting procedure ensures a smooth finish

What are the constituents of a Wall Putty?

Wall putty mainly has following elements:

  1. Plaster of Paris
  2. Raw linseed oil
  3. Mineral thinner
  4. White lead

What is the exact procedure of applying good wall putty?

Wall putty is applied for forming a flat base on all sorts of walls. It is applied directly after sanding on the bricks has been done and extra sand and small dust particles are removed to the core properly. To ensure safety, one must wear masks as well as gloves for complete safety from any allergy or irritation caused by chemicals.

You must not know but there are two types of wall putty:

  1. Acrylic or say ready made putty:Such materials are available in paste format and can be applied directly over the wall. Normally these are not good for any exterior walls coating, as they cannot handle weather harshness.
  2. Cement based putty:Such materials are available in powder form and are mixed with aproper proportion of water so that they can be put on the walls in an appropriate manner. They are in the hottest trends today!

So, I guess you are now ready to DIY on Diwali with your home interior.