A wonderful material for different jobs

For the interior decorators and home decorators, there are many challenges when it comes to décor the home and improves different areas. In this era, many people love to create various partitions and false ceilings where one needs to use such material that is long-lasting and cost-effective. At this stage, one can choose the material of POP which is known as Plaster of Paris. It is gypsum based material in the form of powder and mixed with some adhesives that can hold the material for a long period as expected.

The supply:

When it comes to the availability of the material, the POP suppliers in Delhi take due care of supply network and make it availed in almost all the cities and towns. There are various branded and non-branded materials available in the market which can help the users to get material in his budget. POP is a material that can be easily used to create various models. It can be used for the excellent look of walls and ceiling as well as other areas of the home.

The application:

This material can be easily applied to walls and ceiling. The POP distributor in Delhi offers this material in various quantities. The user can just open the material, mix some water to it and apply it to the concerned area with the help of a wood or metal plate. However, one must note here that the concerned area where one needs to apply the material, must be clean and free from wax as well as dust. Hence if the wall is not clean, one needs to wash it and let it dry. Though it is a material, one can use himself, the hiring of professional may be required in case of creation of false ceiling and partitions. In case one needs to fill the cracks as well as walls, it can be done by himself also. The user can go for the branded or non-branded POP from a local shop if it is required immediately. For added elegance and best look of the walls, one can rely on this material without any doubt


Why one should use Plaster of Paris

Every construction needs walls, which are mainly made of bricks or with blocks. The internal surfaces of most of the walls are made of sand plasters and cement, which are later white washed or painted.  But still, the surface remains rough. In case to get a very smooth surface, a Plaster of Paris coating is always needed. This is applied on the rough surface of the wall before they get painted or distempered.

Plaster of Paris suppliers make this with the help of gypsum, and once it is applied on the walls, one can get a smoother surface.


How to apply Plaster of Paris?

To apply Plaster of Paris, one has to go through a two stage process. Firstly, one has to take sand, cement and water to apply a coat on the walls. Then Plaster of Paris should be taken and mixed with water in a proper ratio to make a perfect solution. This solution should be perfect and there should be no lumps present in it. Then this has to be applied on walls with wide mouthed brushes evenly all over the wall surface. Once it is applied evenly on walls, it should be left to be dried completely.  Once, it is dried completely, sand papers should be used to make the wall surface plain; so that not a single curve or slope is left. Then again a second coat of Plaster of Paris should be applied on the leveled surface. When this coating is dried; then only one gets a very smooth and evened wall surface.

Advantages of using Plaster of Paris

There are many advantages of Plaster of Paris and that is why they are good to use.

  • They can be applied directly on brick without using the cement coating and there is no finishing product required. Just two coatings of Plaster of Paris and you are done.
  • They save a lot of time as they are easy to apply as it spreads quickly and then it is also dried easily.

These are the basic things, which make one dependable on Plaster of Paris, and it also gives a glossier effect on paints.