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Advantages and Disadvantages of Installing False Ceiling

Designing of thehouse is changing every day. Interior decorators are coming up with their amazing creativity and making your small, monotonous house look plush. With only afew things, they are creating magic. Sometimes, they are bringing absolutely new things; sometimes, they are making fusions. The POP jali is not acompletely new thing as you have seen it in houses of old times on the walls. Today, designers are playing with them on large scale. If you want to install in your house, you need to contact the best pop jali suppliers and manufacturersin India. Before that, you need to know whether thefalse ceiling is beneficial or not.


  • With the help of aright type of tools, it is quite easy to install thefalse ceiling. Even, if you follow the right instructions, you can also install it by yourself.
  • If you want to repair it, reassembling the channels are quite easy. Therefore, you can also change the design of the ceiling often.
  • As the false ceiling hides electrical wire, ductwork, pipes and other things, it gives a neat and clutter-free look at your ceiling.
  • If any damage happens, it is quite economical to change the false ceiling than to renovate the entire ceiling.
  • A false ceiling is made in a way so that it can absorb sound. Therefore, you can get a noise-free, quitter place in your house.
  • A false ceiling is also energy efficient as it reduces heat during summer and winter. Getting economical electric bill is easy now.


  • The most important disadvantage of thefalse ceiling is that it reduces the height of your room as it hung below several inches from the actual ceiling.
  • You have to put much time into its maintenance and these are not quite durable too. You can contact the best pop jali exporters to get the best product, still, you can’t have faith in them completely.
  • False ceilings are not sturdy enough like the original ceiling. They can’t withstand any kind of natural calamities. The falling of the fixtures is an added risk with false ceiling.

So, here you get whether you want to install false ceiling or not. If you want a change for your room, you should contact the best pop channel suppliers.