The Benefits of Plaster of Paris

When artists use Plaster of Paris to create planters, castings and home décor things, they apply a release agent like the petroleum jelly to the plastic mould desired shape. After that, a thoroughly mixed paste of Plaster of Paris is applied to the mould and let dry for an hour or so. After that, the plaster gets removed from the mould. All the excess material is cut from its edges.

When Plaster of Paris is used to make sculptures, the artist makes a base of the wanted shape from various materials like newspaper, craft wire or other random household items. Armature is the base and it is needed to offer stability and strength. Armature is made with a spray release agent. It is then coated in a layer of Plaster of Paris.

Whatever it is that you are making, the item, after being coated with Plaster of Paris should be left to totally dry up for a minimum of 24 hours otherwise it will be difficult to decorate or paint it. The powder should not be mixed with bare hands or inhaled since it has chemicals.


The few benefits of the POP are –

  • It is very light in weight and much more durable than the others. It is easy to set and mould.
  • The thermal conductivity of Plaster of Paris is very low.
  • The POP is very much fire resistant and so it proves to be an excellent heat insulating material.
  • The Plaster of Paris does not shrink at all when you are setting it. So, it does not develop any cracks and comes out neat.
  • To resist the normal knocks post drying, the POP forms a thick surface.
  • With water is it very easy to be mixed and thus also easy to level and spread.
  • On fibrous materials, it has a good adhesion.
  • It has no chemical reactions and also has no issues of causing alkali attack.
  • You can mould it easily into any given shape.

The plaster of Paris is increasingly becoming popular for its many uses and thus you can find many ready mix plaster manufacturers in India for your interior and other needs.


Benefits of ready mix plasters

Construction of a house is going to take much of your time. The digging of foundation, building of walls, painting, wiring etc., all are going to leave you praying that the works get over faster. You cannot simplify the process of construction, but you sure can cut the time required for the mixing of plasters.

It takes quite some time to mix plasters and it is easier if you buy ready mix plasters. These are ready to use plasters and all you have to do is mix it with water and spread it on the walls. The ready mix plaster is formulated using pre-determined ratio and has many ideal features. It is hard, strong, durable, and resistant to fire and weather. It can be used in many applications and here are some uses –

  • It can be used in the conventional method on the walls.
  • It can be used as both scratch and base coats.
  • It can also be used for wall repair work.
  • It is also used for decorative purpose.


There are many advantages of using ready mix plaster and here are a few –

  • It is very user friendly and the premixed plaster is ready for use only by adding potable water to it.
  • It will need less water for the mixing and also curing. Thus the site of the plastering will be less messy and you also get to save water.
  • There are very less cracks when you use it.
  • It has excellent workability.
  • It gives a very uniform finish and also interlocking because of the controlled gradation mix.
  • It will reduce the cost of your over all plastering process.
  • There is consistency in the several mixes that the workers make which is not the case in the manual mixing.
  • It is rot and fungus resistant.
  • It has excellent adhesive qualities and sticks to the surface.

There are several ready mix plaster manufacturers in India and you can choose the best among them all. The plaster is available in packets of different weights and you can choose according to your needs.