Things to remember before applying wall putty

Wall putty is mainly a kind of fine powder made of white cement. This white fine powder is mainly used as a base for the walls in any kind of construction. One can also use them over any plastered partitions apart from walls, and they can also be used on ceilings and concretes as well. It is said when the wall putty is applied on any partitions or walls, the result is very durable and good as this wall putty is damp resistant.

Wall putty companies in India make sure to manufacture them in such a way that they can provide the smoothest finish. Wall putty can level the wall so beautifully that it looks very nice after its application. One of the major benefits of using wall putty is that the required quantity of paints to paint walls is decreased considerably and thus helps in saving money.


But there is a process on how to apply wall putty on walls. Before applying wall putty on the wall, one has to buy good wall putty so that itdoes not fall off once it is applied and dried on walls. It is always a good idea to go for reputed companies manufacturing wall putty. This is because they have experience in manufacturing them, and it is very rare that their products will fail to live up the standards.

Before applying this wall putty on walls or ceilings; one has to rub the surface of the walls and ceilings with sand paper. This is needed because sand papers help all the weak particles to fall off and the surface becomes leveled before the wall putty is applied on them. Before applying, the mixture is very important. One has to take the proper ratio of wall putty and water together to make a smooth mixture so that no lump is left in the mixture. Before applying it, damping the wall well is also very important. Then only, the wall putty has the best effect on walls, and it turns out to be very smooth.

When the paint is applied on them, it has the finest and silky smooth finish that one desires to have.