Gypsum Plaster Vs. Sand Cement Plaster : Find The Winner

Gone are the days of sand cement plaster. Gypsum plaster is the modern day cousin of sand cement plaster who went to upgrade school. The perks of gypsum plaster over sand cement plaster cannot be counted on your finger tips. We have listed down a few to help you make the best choice.

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Get the simple way to fill the cracks on walls

There are numerous materials that can help the people to enhance the charm and look of the house. People love to decorate the house with beautiful items that can help one to have a different impression on the visitors and guests. However, over a period the colors of the walls can feed, and plaster may crumble. This situation proves much terrible when the ceiling and walls are criticized by the visitors. There are many materials that can help the dwellers to change the look of the wall and offer great finish where some beautiful colors can be sprayed. For the colors to be there on the ceiling as well as on the walls, one needs to use wall putty that can hold the colors and also add to the look of the wall.

The wall putty:

The wall putty is basically a material made from the Gypsum powder and a combination of other chemicals. One can look at the wall and judge how much putty he will require to offer the finish to the wall. This material is available in different packs, and hence one can easily get the material in required quantity from the wall putty manufacturers in India. The buyer can get the materials from the online or offline market. To use the material is quite easy and one can easily apply the same to the concerned area of the walls as well as the ceiling.

The utility of the material:

This material is easy to apply, and as per nature, it can dry in just a few minutes, which can help the user to color it in limited time also. This material is also used to create different models which one can use in the office or home in an area where the natural elements such as the sun and heat can have tremendous effects. The material can withstand against all the natural odds for a longer period, and that is why it is much popular among the users such as model makers, architects, and interior decorators. The plaster of Paris manufacturers are much helpful in the case when one wants to have the false ceiling with their supply of such a durable material.

Benefits of Applying Wall Putty Before Painting

No matter how expensive paints you use for your house, but it will all go in vain if there are cracks and dampness on the walls. The reason that these problems occur is because of the aging of the walls.

Wall putty assimilates with the plaster and maintains a strong bond with the paint.


Here are some more benefits of using wall putty before painting your walls.

  1. Protection

As said earlier, wall putty creates a strong bond and assimilates with the plaster. This property makes wall putty a great savior of expensive paints. It doesn’t allow the paint to flake out and ensures a long life.

  1. Creates an even surface for painting

Wall putty proves to be beneficial in case there are undulations on the plastered surface. A thick coat of wall putty can make the surface smooth and cracks free. It also enhances the effect of the shade of the paint. Hence, the application of wall putty is necessary to get a leveled surface for stunning results.

  1. Cost effective

By providing a smooth and leveled surface wall putty reduces the paint consumption than usual. One other factor that reduces the paint consumption- that it absorbs less paint on the walls. This is how wall putty saves a lot of money for you and makes the painting job easy and fast.

  1. Applicable for interior as well as exterior walls

Wall putty manufacturers have come up with a wall putty that is applicable on both interior and exterior walls. For external walls, this wall putty reduces the seepage by filling the cracks and crevices.

  1. Water resistant

The water resistant property of wall putty enhances its importance due to the fact that it can save the paint from dampness.

  1. No curing

Curing takes a lot of time and makes the paint work more difficult. But with wall putty, you don’t have to be worried about curing.

Your home tells the story of your personality and creates an impression among your friends, colleagues, and relatives. Make sure that the personality you want to convey through your house doesn’t fade away.



Wall Putty is crowning the Minds

Whenever people plan about giving a new look to their house, living areas and rooms, the first thing comes to their mind is beauty. Here, wall putty has a very active role to play. It enhances the effects of a finished wall. It gives that wow factor to your walls which is commonly missing. Well, you know wall putty is actually a wall coating that possesses Dolomite, White Cement & some other enhancing attributes.


You can find many good wall putty manufacturers in India. Since everybody wants to give a unique and enriched look to their house, building and office, they opt for wall putty.

Important Factor

  • It is true that there are multiple manufacturers and various small scale industries in the market which cater wall putty at very low cost. However, it would certainly be good for the buyers if they understand that wall putty is surely not a product to save your money. Exactly, many buyers commonly make a blunder when they go for a cheap wall putty because they have a view that paint would eventually cover-up everything. Such a move can lead to serious appearance problems. It can also cause some other issues which can lead to painting of the wall again. So, to avoid such troubles, it is better to buy a good wall putty at the first place.

How to Use it?

  • Though it may seem an easy mixing task but it is not at all a cake walk. Before you start with it, read out all the important instructions given on the pack and supervise the masons properly. Mix the material as per the given time and it is significant that you keep the mixture for ten minutes so that the polymers get active. Afterwards, blend it again for two minutes &it is ready for applying.

Thus, all the things from a good Wall putty manufacturer to proper timing of actions like mixing, applying it on the wall matter a lot when you want a classy and perfect look for your house. So, there shouldn’t be any compromise with these small things which are actually very big!

The Guide to Wall Putty

A wall putty is a white colored powdery substance which has a very fine and smooth texture  and is used to provide a soft finish as a base on which the next layer of paint or something can be painted or applied upon. It is mostly used to provide a lustrous and shining texture to the wall or any other solid background on which next layer of substance will be applied, mostly paint. As mentioned earlier, it is used as a base on walls and ceilings prior to painting.


Cement based putty

One of the most basic types of wall putty, this type of putty is available in the stores and shops in a white powder form. Since it is in a powder form, one needs to mix it into the water for further application. Once thoroughly mixed, it is then used to apply on the walls before the wall is covered and painted upon with coats of expensive paint. If one is looking for extremely smooth finishing on exterior and interior portions, this is the most suitable type of putty available in the market.

Wall putty is a high trend in painting world and it is majorly produced and manufactured in India. So, if you are willing to buy wall putty for your next construction at affordable rates, then you can contact wall putty manufacturers in India.

Benefits of using Wall Putty

Wall putty has many advantages and thus is beneficial in painting and application.

  • Wall putty ensures a long life for all the expensive paints that would be applied on the wall.
  • Wall putty prevents the flaking-off of wall paint in case it is damp or even wet due to its water resistant properties.
  • Wall putty gives an amazing wall finish and helps it in giving a decorative touch.

Tips while applying the wall putty

Well, generally, these works are given to skilled putty experts but if you want to do the DIY then the tips are like-

  • Scrap off the surface nicely
  • Always moist the surface nicely before the putty application
  • The coast should not be thick

So, this way, you are a pro about buying the wall putty and handling its applications.

Using wall putty for deriving that perfect finish

These days, there are present many manufacturers of wall putty products supplying all over the region and placing advertisements in huge numbers to lure their clients. Before trying to purchase wall putty, it is necessary for the person to know more about it and its related uses.

What is the wall putty all about?

The wall putty is stated to be a type of pre-applicator, rather a substance which is applied to the walls of the building before paint is applied to it. The putty actually is a product that is cement based. It finds great use among building owners, since it helps to even the surface and fills up the holes and patches present in it.

The wall putty basically functions as cement mixture, which when gets mixed, pressed and applied would leave a much smooth finish.  Unlike that of the other products, it does not actually leave any kind of powdery surface, leading towards uneven paint finish. Although the structure is prone to repeated damage from damage due to various types of environmental factors, wall putty help to retain its texture and shape.

High quality as well as gradewall putty is offered by the best wall putty manufacturers in India at reasonable prices.


Steps to preparing and applying wall putty

  • One can find wall putty in packets that are to be opened up and poured into different containers. All of them are to be mixed in separate bowl as it has been directed on packet.
  • The required amount only should be mixed, using a particular tool for mixing the contents properly, until a specific paste like structure gets formed.
  • Once attained, it needs to be left alone for quite some time and later applied onto the wall directly.

Things to avoid for wall putty

  • Once the wall putty gets applied, the paste is to be left applied for several hours or even days as necessary, until the whole thing dries off completely. Artificial heating solutions are better not used as the wall putty would begin to break and come off.
  • It is to be left only under normal conditions and ensure that any of the environmental factors like heat, rain or other elements should not directly fall onto the layer.

Following the above things can help to ensure deriving the best results.