Painting walls is not a tough job

Decorating up your home or your room also includes paintings of walls. Nowadays, it has become a trend to paint your own walls. It is actually not a very tough job. The best part of painting one’s own room wall is that, one can decorate it the way they want it to be; using multiple colors and designer strokes if necessary.

There are few basic rules that one needs to follow before painting a wall. The first thing among them is to use wall putty on the wall before painting. White cement based wall putty manufacturers in India have devised a good quality wall putty, which when applied on walls before painting leaves a very even and durable effect on it.

  • To begin painting, first of all, one needs to make the surface of the wall even. For that, one can use sand papers to scrape and scratch the entire wall surface so that not a single unevenness is left out. The holes, dents and the cracks should be mending to make the wall even.
  • Then, after the scraping is done, one has to apply wall putty on the wall. Mix a proper amount of white cement wall putty along with proper ratio of water and then apply it all over the wall. This will help the wall surface to become smooth and get a more even tone. This will also give the primary base coat coverage to the walls before paint so that the paint lasts long.
  • Then choose your favorite color of paints to apply on the wall. It is better if the paint contains primer. This will leave a glossier effect on the walls.
  • Use a plastic drop cloth all over the floor before you start painting your walls. This will save you from ruining your floors from color messes.
  • Use a proper color brush to paint your walls and keep in mind that the application of color should be even in all the parts of the wall.

Go ahead and paint you walls the way you want. Decorate your room, your way!