white cement based wall putty

To save your walls is no more difficult

The walls usually have white plaster on it when the house is new. Over a period when it faces different seasons it gets eroded and hence the primary effect of the seasonal factors one can see on the walls when the plaster is removed and there are cracks which are clearly visible on the wall. This makes the wall look poor and also tarnishes the image of the home as well as the residents.

white cement based wall putty

Change the plaster:

Here one must see that the wall that is the inner part of the wall which is made of bricks is still strong but the outer layer which is the plaster is removed. Hence one needs to change the plaster which can be easily changed with the help of white cement based wall putty. This putty is easily available in the market and makes the wall look same as it was before.

Can it be changed easily?

This is a general doubt that hits the mind of any house owner who suffers from the plaster erosion problem of the house. The answer is simply yes. It is easy to get the material and apply it directly on the wall. However, you need to take a few factors into consideration, and hence it is better if you hire a professional who deals with the application of putty regularly. Else one can also do it by self. As the putty is also of white color one does not need to add any color to the mixture. After getting it dry, one can use wallpaper or can arrange wall paint of own choice.

The cost:

As far as the cost of the putty is concerned, it is a much better option than getting the wall plastered again. One can check the cost of putty with white cement dealer in the local area and arrange the budget accordingly. In case one hires a professional. Obviously, the cost of the putty application can be high. One can check the price of the putty with more than one dealer and see if there is any change in cost is possible or not.